We're building a protocol
to store files on the blockchain.

BlockStorage is a protocol built to connect and abstract all communications with the blockchain, simplifying the user’s life.

The current state of cloud storage, with dozens of reports of security issues, the overall perception of lack of privacy, along with the usually high monthly fees calls for a new kind of storage service, one that guarantees data privacy at lower (or no) costs.

From those concerns we envisioned BlockStorage, a storage protocol based on the principles of ease of use and privacy. Built with the casual user in mind, it allows anyone to store and recover any type of file on any existing blockchain, without cost (besides the transaction fee to store the file).

BlockStorage leverages blockchain technology to ensure the safest and most transparent storage experience. Our protocol allows users to seamlessly upload files to the blockchain of their choice, while taking care of the data encryption and the respective blockchain protocol. And, because of the inherent nature of blockchains, it assures that the data will never be lost. In short, it will store the files for life without any recurring costs.

Problem & Solution

We are creating a protocol to solve the world’s biggest storage issues surrounding subscription plan, security and privacy.

Problems with Information Leak

In the information age, our biggest problem has been keeping our data safe. Statistics show that in 2017 about 5 million data records were leaked per day. That's right, PER DAY!
This year, the UK's Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) confirmed 30 organisations, including Facebook, were being investigated as part of a national inquiry into the use of personal data and analytics for political and commercial purposes.

Data Storage problems

It's expensive. In the short term, cloud services appear cost-effective – instead of paying upfront to buy your own equipment and software, you pay a low monthly fee. However, it's the long-term costs that bite you. It takes money to pay for server-cooling systems, bandwidth, fire-suppression systems, backup generators, security systems and patrols, and staffing for 24/7 network operations centers. And you'll pay for them every day, for years.

Service providers can be arbitrary and fickle. Users of cloud services can get caught up in complex policy and gatekeeping issues that can cause their accounts to be suspended or closed. One service shutting you down can cause a negative ripple effect across your entire business.

Our Solution

All that will change with BlockStorage!

What we bring with BlockStorage is a new concept of cloud storage. No subscription fees to have your files accessible from anywhere, and no expiring date, either.

In addition, no one will have full access to your files. In fact, no one will get your files unless you desire.

Private sale & Values

Blocks token will be released on the basis of Ethereum platform.


May 31, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

108,000,000 BLOCKS

Token exchange rate

1 ETH = 10,000 BLOCKS

Acceptable currencies


Private sale

Initial Token Distribution


Sale Proceed Allocation


The Roadmap

With the help from our team, contributors and investors, these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieving.

The Leadership Team

We are a strong tech team of brazilian based entrepreneurs, talented software engineers and designers devoted to revolutionise cloud storage.

Founder & CEO
Co-founder & CTO
Core Developer
Data Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about Blockstorage:

What is the difference between Blockstorage and other similar file storage projects?

Currently there are no other projects that enable you to write files in blockchains. Other projects out there use a concept called a sidechain, that uses the blockchain just to save an ID number for files saved on a CDN or S3. Blockstorage actually saves your file on the blockchain. Better yet – you can even select the blockchain you want to use (Doge blockchain, Universa blockchain, Dash, Ethereum, etc).

Can I store any file on the blockchain? Music, PDFs, video files...?

Yes! You can choose any file to send. Our process converts the file to bytes and then compresses, encrypts and runs other mandatory processes before it gets uploaded to the blockchain.

After sending a file to the blockchain, will I need to pay anything to get my file back?

No! Using Blockstorage, you will just need pay a transaction fee to upload the file to the blockchain. You don't have to pay anything to recover your file. No subscriptions, no fees or taxes.

Do you already have an MVP running?

Yes, we do! Our product is currently running on "development" environment. Just ping us, and we'll provide you a link for you to test uploading and downloading files to and from the blockchain.